Settling In | Valentine, Nebraska

“The essence of home, you see, is not necessarily a structure. What makes a home is the life shared there, wherever that may be. And cultivating the life of home requires intentionality, planning and design.”  -- Sally Clarkson, The Life Giving Home.

     The window sills were thick with dead flies, cobwebs graced ceiling corners, and there were trails of ants across our kitchen countertops. It was anybody’s guess the last time things had been swept or vacuumed. Thank goodness Charlie and I were too excited to be grossed out! After driving for 12 hours, we were more than ready to move in our stuff and enjoy our summer home on the edge of Hackberry Lake. So what if the bunkhouse needed a little TLC? We were prepared to work hard and make it beautiful.

            Despite the deep cleaning projects, making our home has been a joy. Pip immediately found his favorite perching spot in the towel closet. Charlie hung oregano and rosemary in the kitchen to dry. We filled the pantry and refrigerator with good, healthy food. I covered the ugly brown couches with pretty blankets and tapestries. There are string lights to make the living room cozy and a spinning record player to liven the house.

            We still have a lot of work ahead of us with cleaning and fixing things up, but at least the worst is over. And the best part of having a comfortable home? We love having people over for food and conversation. So, if you’re ever passing through Valentine, know that you are welcome to visit us and watch the sun set over the Sandhills.