· season changing ·

I’ve decided autumn is the best time of the year to gather up my thoughts, rest and refocus. With the season changing, and Nature clothing herself in beauty, I feel encouraged to seek out good things and be grateful for them. So here is a (short) list of my favorite moments from these past few weeks.

  • visiting an ancient, beautiful tree. 3,000 years old. 18 feet in diameter. a treasure of the earth.

  • dragging my Mom and husband to the annual library book sale. We stood in line with other book nerds and fought our way to the best books - piling our finds in a shopping cart.

  • watching our aspen tree in the backyard turn to a brilliant, autumn gold. I wish I could bottle up some of that color and keep it throughout the winter.

  • shopping for a wood stove. Somehow buying a stove makes our lives in North Idaho seem more permanent.

  • walking on Tubb’s Hill in Coeur D’alene. Shielding my eyes against the sun to watch a float plane land on the lake

  • low-key looking for a puppy. I think our home is incomplete without a sweet canine companion. of course - Mosi probably thinks otherwise.

  • quiet evenings reading library books or watching movies. drinking tea and learning the value of REST

  • searching for chicken eggs in our yard. sometimes we find them in the tall grass - or tucked away behind a rake. they are the softest color of brown.

  • gathering buckets and buckets of apples and pears for applesauce and pies and tarts and cider. Not to mention the savory lingonberry jam Charlie made in Sweden.

  • our sturdy subaru climbing up the mountain to our favorite hiking spot. deep dark woods filled with hidden creatures and mushrooms and damp earth. (I love the northwest)

  • sitting in the bitter cold for a local football game. I’ve never cared for sports that much - but when I’m bundled up warm with a thermos of cocoa, it is actually enjoyable.

  • driving home from work into a beautiful sunset on the horizon. mountains bathed in pink light.

Please tell me my friends what autumn adventures you have been on - what goes on in your corner of the world?