evaluation and resolution

The month of January has been a season of evaluation. We’ve been evaluating our lifestyle, our priorities and attitudes, purging unhealthy possessions and habits. Learning how to de-stress and deal with uncertain circumstances calmly. Of course we will always be a work in progress, but we’ve already taken several “baby steps” (to quote one of my favorite movies.) I thought it would be fun to share a few of our goals for 2019. Some are pretty lofty while others are small and manageable - but each one is equally important to us. I would also love to hear what some of your personal missions are for 2019. It is encouraging to share our aspirations and build each other up - so please comment!

  1. TRAVEL. (You might be thinking…. duh. Everyone wants to travel more. But globe-trotting is the most life-giving experience I’ve ever encountered. If you haven’t vacationed in several years, I challenge you to block off one week - pack your bags - drive in any direction until you’re in a place you’ve never been before.) This year we hope to adventure through British Columbia, fly home a couple times and possibly visit the East Coast so I can introduce Charlie to New England.

  2. EDUCATION. I am happy to announce I will be continuing my English classes (which were on hold a long time) and also starting training to become a birth doula, lactation specialist and childbirth educator. Plans are to begin this April and see how it goes!
    Charlie says his education will continue through reading books, ecology seminars and future job positions. (He is always learning!)

  3. HEALTH. I never thought I’d be an office-worker, hitting the gym every other night at 5:30 pm. But here I am - striving to be my healthiest. Charlie has been a huge encouragement in this department. Together we’ve been eating pretty clean (lots of greens and low-carbs over here), working out and slowly modifying our lifestyle to be more healthy. I would love to cut back on my daily screen-time and Charlie wants to work outside more often. We’ll get there. Eventually.

  4. THRIFTINESS. Money is hard to deal with. I should know because I have worked in financial institutions for 3 years. I have seen both poor and rich struggle with money A LOT. Charlie and I are still figuring out a good budgeting system, but I am happy to say we are moving forward. This year we are committed to paying off Charlie’s student debt. It will be a long arduous process - but with some elbow grease, we can do it. Part of this journey is learning to be thrifty and also how to invest.

  5. SELF-AWARENESS. This resolution is simple. Meditate. Pray. Drink herbal tea. Acknowledge emotions. Process. Communicate.

  6. MINISTRY. The past couple of years, wonderful people have ministered to us with love, gifts and wisdom. Charlie and I both fully realize the amazing support we’ve been given, and we want to give our support in return. Currently we are looking into local ministries we can be more involved with, including Bible studies, the pregnancy center, conservation efforts and neighborhood events.

If we were to follow each resolution 100% - we would be the perfect couple: cultured, unbelievably fit, wealthy and compassionate. But believe me - we are far from perfection. haha. Honestly, Charlie and I struggle so much with stress, budgeting finances and keeping our priorities in order. That is exactly why we set ourselves goals! Here’s to another year - a clean slate - and shaping our lives.
Love to you all,
Laurel and Charlie.