oh deary

(Right now I am reclined on my peacock blue love seat, wrapped up in a fleece blanket with Mosi sleeping beside me. Sunday morning couldn't be cozier!) 

Sometimes I wish I could stay home more often and lead a slow, unhurried life. I wish my mornings were focused around meditation and quilting. But wishing is not going to change anything. As it is, we wake up at 5:30 AM to do the chores and pack lunches. I drop Charlie off at PCEI and drive over to the Credit Union where I work. (Someday I will start my own business and devote all my energy to creative projects.) We work all day, we make the commute home, and for a brief couple of hours we garden and catch up on housework before bed. 

I'm not intending to sound negative or complain. Truly, I am extremely thankful for jobs that are both challenging and enjoyable. The paychecks we get make it possible to travel and host family and friends. And for the first time in our rambling, roving life together, I can feel a sense of permanency and contentment - our roots are growing and deepening. 

And oh how I love our little home! It is so perfect for the two of us... (and perhaps a future Baby Herrick if the stars are so aligned.) Chickies and duckies live very happily in the backyard, eating worms and chasing moths. They know Charlie is the food-provider so they follow him around the yard like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Mosi has learned not to stalk the birds or she will get sprayed with water, but she still loves to sit under the lilac bush and watch them from a distance. All-in-all our home is a peaceful, happy place; a space to decompress and relax after long work days, which is something a home ought to be. 

(The pictures below are from this spring.) 
Lilac Lemonade
Crab-apple Blooms
Mosi's Loveseat
Picking Flowers
Three Little Ducks

new home_-50.jpg
new home_-24.jpg
new home_-15.jpg
new home_-36.jpg

a day on the farm

Spring is so close you can smell it in the air: the fragrances of warm sunshine, damp earth, crocuses and new grass. Spring is the promise of good things and the celebration of Life. It is my favorite season out of the whole year. 

Yesterday, we got to help out a local farm by doing some chores in the morning and evening. I've forgotten how good it feels to slosh around in the mud carrying buckets of feed. I've missed the smell of dusty horses and the cackling of hens. We cleaned out the brooder, fed and watered all the animals, walked the dogs, collected eggs and laughed at the dapper mallard duck and his ladies. I could not stop fawning over the lambs and taking pictures of their sweet faces. Eventually Charlie had to pull me away. "Laurel" he said, "the lambs will still be here if we come another day." Finally, as the sun was just beginning to sink low, we climbed into our muddy Subaru and drove back to our tiny apartment. 

I'm thinking I should start offering promotional photography sessions to local homesteads and farms :) That way, I can hang out with animals and little green planties all the time...

egg basket
barn cat
baby bunnies
second edit-89.jpg
please excuse my bed hair and extremely photogenic face ;) 

please excuse my bed hair and extremely photogenic face ;)